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Our Scowt Stories TV Show is all about telling the story of the Scowt brand and following real hunts with your average passionate hunters Dusty and Cole - the founders of Scowt.  From the beginning preparation to the very end of our favorite hunts of the year Scowt Stories showcases the hard work and amazing process that comes from the great outdoors.

Our shows will also be integrated right into our App in its next release.  You will then be able to search available hunting land, watch our digital hunting shows and even find nearby outdoors businesses that are closest to you while you are in the field.  This will all be in our next App release.

Scowt Stories TV - Season 2 Airing July 2019!

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Dusty Sperlich

Dusty is the co-host of Scowt Stories TV. He grew up learning and loving the outdoors through the guidance of his father. His obsession for the outdoors grew after returning home from a tour in Iraq in 2007. Dusty found that hunting was his escape and it quickly became a way for him to relax and discover himself.

Now living in Northwest Iowa, Dusty still has a passion for chasing South Dakota whitetails. One of his most resent developing passions is western mule deer and elk. He also enjoys working with JOAD programs and helping other archery enthusiasts in perfecting their setup. His dream for sharing and creating an outdoor series developed in 2011 during a time when hunting became a therapy for him. After graduating from Mitchell Tech and finishing a Bachelors in Computer Science through National American University, he began to self film and eventually partnered with the Scowt team.

Like most of us passionate outdoors fans, hunting isn’t a full time job for him. He spends his days and weekends as the Pastor of a Reformed Church in Iowa. He also owns a small archery shop there. Dusty grew up in Stickney, South Dakota.

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Cole Shawd

Cole is the co-host of Scowt Stories TV. He grew up learning about the outdoors through his dad and the many family hunting trips they would go on during his teenage years. Through his twenties he didn't hunt near the amount he would love to, but through this time really fell in love with the outdoors and knew he wanted it to be a staple in his life.

His favorite hunts are Whitetail Deer and within the past few years has fell in love with hunting Mule Deer with his bow. Although he will say any type of hunting and time in the outdoors are always rewarding. From these hunting successes and struggles Cole started the Scowt App and Stories TV to help other passionate hunters find easier access to the game and all the great things it has to offer.

Cole graduated from the University of Sioux Falls with a degree in Business Administration. He lives in Tea, South Dakota and grew up in Mitchell, South Dakota.